What’s in her backpack – 2014 edition.

The Lost Girl is heading out again. Same destination, different path. And I can’t wait to go! Just a few more days…

I took my fully loaded backpack to the post office yesterday and plopped it on the scale. 10 lbs, 11 oz. That’s just under 5 kilos. If I’ve forgotten anything, and I can’t imagine what, my pack will certainly come in under 12 pounds (5.5 kilos). The general rule of thumb is 10% of your body weight.

I’ve made a few minor changes and two significant equipment changes since last year. I replaced my Gregory backpack with a lighter one from North Face. I also changed sleeping bags because last year there were times when I was a bit chilly. While a splurge, the new bag should last a lifetime.


Backpack. North Face, Casimir 36. (2 lbs, 4 oz). It’s a good, comfortable fit and a pound lighter than last year’s Gregory Jade 38 (3 lbs, 5 oz). Permethrin treated.
Shoes. Saucony running shoes. Not a blister last year so I’ll stick with what works! My best friends.
Walking sticks. Pacer Poles with spare street feet. My second best friends. Castelli cycling gloves for comfort.
Poncho. Altus. Available in Spain. Designed to fit over me and my pack. Ugly. Looks like I’ll need it this year!

Fleece. Arc’terex, Delta LT, black. Lightweight, warm. Perfect for those early morning starts.
Hiking pants. Mountain Hardwear, Yuma Convertible, black. (Capris for day, long pants at night).
Leggings with a little skirt attached. REI, Fleet Skapris. black.
T shirts. 2 Prana, 1 North Face. Lightweight, fast drying. One for sleeping.
Running shorts for sleeping.
Two sets of underwear.
Hiking socks, SmartWool, 2 pair.
Sock liners, Fox River, 2 pair.
Flip flops. Reef, Ginger.

iPhone 5s with Mophie Juice Pack Air battery case, Portuguese and Spanish SIM cards.
Brierley’s Guide to the Camino Portugues, 2014. Digitized (by me!) and loaded into iBooks and Kindle apps. Redundancy is good when it doesn’t weigh anything.
Canon S100 camera and charger with a 32gb wifi SD card to send photos to the iPhone. The S100 geotags all my photos so there’s never a question of where I’ve been.
Audiobooks and music on iPhone. Lots.
Dual USB charger. 2.1A and 1A. Sharing makes friends.
Ear phones.
Euro 2-prong adapter.

Lush shampoo bar in a GoToob with crumpled tin foil to keep it from getting soggy. Use it for Hair, body, and yes, clothes.
Toothbrush and toothpaste.
Sunscreen, Neutrogena. Looks like a solid deodorant.
Makeup. Not much. Trial size. Worthless on the Camino, valuable once I’ve finished.
Brush/Comb, foldable.
Cocoon. Ultra-lite towel, quick dry. Not a favorite but haven’t found anything better.
Silent Nite snore guard. Make no enemies.
Anti-inflammatory: Duexis. 800mg, easy on the stomach.
Bandaids/Mefix. Hope I don’t need them.
Body Glide. Keeps blisters at bay.
Clothesline. Rick Steves, stretchy, braided. Especially good when the clotheslines are full.

Sleeping bag: Western Mountaineering, Summerlite, 1 lb. 3 oz., I usually sleep with it open like a quilt with a cozy pocket for my feet. Permethrin treated.
Exped inflatable pillow, ultralight. Sounds a bit like an empty potato chip bag, but tolerable.
Pillowcase. Cut down and sewn to fit the pillow.
Tyvek, 3′ x 9′ sheet to cover the ratty hostel mattresses. Permethrin treated against bed bugs. This item is the envy of many a pilgrim!

Baggallini. Large Wallet Bagg. They call it a large but it’s actually quite small. Rides on my hip and holds all the important stuff. Sleep with it around my waist.
Passport and Pilgrims passport in a small ziplock. (I put faint pencil lines on my passport this time to keep those zealous stampers from going crazy.)
Credit card and debit card. These are on a separate account and not linked to other accounts. We learned out lesson in Peru a few months ago.
Mini flashlight on a stretchy wristband. (Headlamps are fine but they are not fun for other people.)
Sharpie. Good for leaving messages on small stones for friends who are behind me.

Travel bits
IKEA bag. Backpack style. $2.99. If I get to the airport and can’t take my walking sticks on board I’ll put them in a mailing tube inside this bag and cross my fingers that they get from here to there.