Toulouse countdown.


We’ve been strolling around Toulouse enjoying the sights and sipping cold drinks at sidewalk cafes, visiting churches built long ago at great expense, and savoring some excellent food in small, cosy restaurants.

Coming from a Sunday market this afternoon, we ran into a young woman with a backpack. A pilgrim, of course! She’d arrived from Quebec earlier in the day and was waiting to catch a train to take her to the start of her Camino. Isabel and I compared notes and concluded we may well bump into each other along the way.

Now my feet are really getting itchy. But the nerves are setting in as well. Back at our in-law’s flat, I took a closer look at my backpack and decided to eliminate a couple more things. 500 miles is a long, long way to carry extra baggage.

Three days from now I will have finished my first day’s walk.