Day 3: The longest day.

Day 3.  June 9
Barcelos to Ponte de Lima
21 miles / 34 km
Fitbit steps: 43,617 ( entire day)

A very long day, not just in distance but also in terrain. Lots of hills to challenge me.

I walked with a number of people from a number of countries: Brazil, Ecuador, France, Hungary, Italy, and the last hour with the young Dutchman.

There are 18 people in my room, including several Americans. This is the largest group of pilgrims so far on the Camino Portuguese. We shared a communal dinner followed by more socializing and story swapping and debating.

These are considered pretty fancy digs for five euros a night. I’m still adjusting to the European men who comfortably walk around in their speedos as the rest of us avert our eyes.

I’d add some nice scenery photos but my camera battery is dead and I can’t upload. Tomorrow.