Day 7: Seen along the way.

Just the facts
Day 7. Ventosa to Santo Domingo de la Calzada
Distance: 20 miles/ 32 km (again)
Time: 6 hours
Total to date: 120 miles/193 km

This was a lucky day, not many hills, or maybe it’s just that my stamina is increasing.

Casey, Emil and I set quite a pace, passing everyone we saw, including a Korean  guy who was walking the camino barefoot. He apparently had a religious epiphany at the start of the camino that caused him to leave his boots behind.

At 8:30 a.m. we encountered three musicians rousing their late sleeping neighbors. One snare drum and two horns is all it takes to wake an entire village.

A few kilometers short of Santo Domingo we arrived at Ciruena. This place has everything you would look for in a modern town: apartments, schools, playgrounds, swimming pools, even a golf course.  It just doesn’t have any people. The developers clearly had bad timing as Spain’s economy was fast becoming a shambles about the time they built Ciruena. You can be sure we were eager to leave that eerie town behind.

Emil complained all day about his painful shoes so once we were settled into our albergue located in an old convent we went in search of new footwear for him. He came away with a pair of comfortable brightly colored trail runners that the sales clerk assured him would be dusty brown in no time.

A few shots along the way:


This trio did a fine job of waking up anyone who may have overslept!


Hundreds and hundreds of little stick crosses were fashioned onto the chain fence.


The distance on the kilometer markers varies hugely.


This very religious Korean guy is walking the entire Camino barefoot. His walk is graceful and reflects every carefully chosen step.


Back in the wheat fields again. The road appears to go on forever and sometimes feels like it.


The taxi phone number, a blessing, or cruel joke?