One shoe.

Brooks Cascade Trail Runners

Brooks Cascadia Trail Runners

On past Caminos I wore Saucony running shoes and didn’t have a complaint. When I got back home the shoes went in the trash because the tread had vanished just as some of the yellow arrows on the camino had.

A month ago I went to my local REI store and came away with a fancy pair of trail runners in an “exclusive to REI” color that would look much better on a macaw than on me. I wore them around the house a bit before stepping out into the dirt and committing to $120 worth of garish footwear.

Once I’d given them a good trial run, well trial walk, I decided that the Brooks were comfortable, accommodated my princess toes, and given time I just might get used to the color.

Now that I’m committed to the shoes there is just one more decision to make before heading to Spain. Do I use my old Gregory Jade 38 backpack or buy the new and improved Gregory J38? I’ll have plenty of time to think about it because I can’t do much else while wearing only one of my new shoes.

I broke my foot.

It’s not a deal breaker but it is a set back. No hikes for several weeks and no training with a backpack–old or new. I’m following doctor’s orders only because I want to be on the camino the first of June.

So how did I break it? I could say that it happened while working the foredeck of a boat in frigid arctic seas. But there were witnesses to the event. Instead, I’ll just say that I was heading to the boat’s foredeck in warm Caribbean waters and wasn’t watching where I was going. The closest I got to a frigid sea was the cooler of ice water that helped keep the swelling down.