Day 1: Oh, my aching feet.

Day 1. June 7
Porto to Vilarinho
17 miles / 27+ km
Fitbit steps: 31,112

Today, I am thankful for the many volunteers who paint the countless yellow arrows that mark the way to Santiago. Were it not for them I would still be in Porto. Even so, I managed to up my mileage because of missed “flechas”.

This first day’s walk rivaled the Camino Frances in the aching feet category thanks to more than 10 miles of granite cobblestones. I also managed to get drenched head to toe in less than a minute when the skies opened up and my poncho wasn’t at the ready. No worries, the wind blew the moisture away in no time.

I was “Buen Camino”-ed about 50 times as more than a dozen groups of pilgrim cyclists pedaled past. Aside from them, I didn’t see another pilgrim until two Californians walked into the albergue followed shortly after by a pair of Danes. That’s it for the day. On the Camino Frances there are always at least four pilgrims in your line of sight.

Tomorrow’s walk is supposed to have lots of wooded paths and country lanes. My feet are already looking forward to it.

Better yet, the weather, while chilly, seems to have turned–no rain in the forecast.

Buen Camino.