My Enemy’s Enemy…

My enemy's enemy is my friend, so today I got friendly with my enemy's enemy. I hung my Tyvek sheet, sleeping bag and backpack on the clothesline and gave them all a liberal spray of permethrin. Within a couple of hours everything was dry and ready to be packed up for Friday's flight to Portugal.

Bedbugs are a common complaint among pilgrims but I have yet to meet anyone who has actually been bitten. That said, they are there and can hitch a ride on a nice, clean backpack, take up residence at an albergue down the way and make a few babies before hitching another ride. Here's hoping they don't ride with you.

Permethrin is the insect repellent that Ex Officio and other companies use to make the Buzz Off and Insect Shield clothing.

Whether you use permethrin or some other remedy, be vigilant, but don't obsess.