Finesterra. The end of the earth.


I felt quite satisfied with myself as I stood at the 0.00 kilometer marker at the end of the earth. At least that’s what Finesterra was thought to be in centuries past.

I had walked two caminos and had the worn out shoes and the pilgrims passports with oodles of stamps to prove it. I walked a total of 35 days with a combined distance of 1040 kilometers. 646 miles.

Maybe I felt a little more than satisfied. Being honest, I was smug.

The guy who took my picture at the 0.00 km marker handed back my phone and asked if I would take his picture. But of course! As he approached the marker he pulled two pilgrims passports from his pocket and held them aloft for his photo. As they flapped in the breeze I saw that his two passports were actually several passports taped together.

This old man had been on camino for 96 days. In that time he had walked 2,800 kilometers. That’s 1,740 miles. On foot. From his front door in Cologne, Germany.

I’ve never known smugness to vaporize so fast.

I am humbled.