Many of you have asked about an encore to the Camino.

While the Camino de Santiago isn’t Kilimanjaro, the Single-handed TransPac or the Mongol Rally, it’s the most physically and mentally challenging thing I have done.

It’s time now to ease back into the real world and do something a normal like learn how to make proper Beggar’s Purses, prune unruly fruit trees, wash windows. I’ve never been especially good at any of those things and envy people who are. I am so lucky to have a man who loves me in spite of those shortcomings.

On the other hand, Paddling in Palau could be interesting… I’m sure I could organize an amazing trip.


20130717-222042.jpgI came back to my room this afternoon and found this note on the foot of the bed. Yesterday’s note was just a wounded knee. Thank you Nina from Denmark.

Camino friends share a special bond that is hard to explain. Time is compressed and you learn a lot about someone very quickly. There is a lot of sadness and heartbreak to the Camino. There’s also a lot of joy.