Day 6. Spanish roller coaster

June 9
Berducedo to Grandas de Salime
Distance:  21 kilometers
Steps: 29,538
Stairs equivalent: 65 floors
Agony level:  5

The scenery is breath taking.

Today was characterized by huge ups and downs to the point of giving the feeling of being on a roller coaster. I was a bit worn out from yesterday and didn’t appreciate any of the climbs. There were lots of complaints about the steep, slippery descents, but I’m pretty good going downhill and and wasn’t too bothered by them. I went down 2600 feet in a bit over three miles. As usual, It was the climbs that slowed me down.

The bunks are just 5€. Lucky me, I was assigned the bottom bunk at the far end.

I reached Grandas in the nick of time. The pleasant day turned cold and gray by mid-afternoon so I stayed in the albergue all afternoon. It’s supposed to rain most of tomorrow and my plan is to get out early and hopefully beat some of the weather.

We lost one of our group yesterday. The Dane who had the ravine mishap had been struggling with an aching foot and decided he couldn’t go on. Sorry to see him go.

I saw this aluminum sign tacked on a tree. and found it rather odd.

Postscript to the banana story. One of the Germans was bragging that he got two bananas. He was teased that he was too weak to make up up the mountain on one. It stopped him in his tracks.