Day 12.  2013 Reprise–sort of. 

June 15, 2015
Ribadiso to Lavacolla
Distance: 32 kilometers
Steps: 41,571
Stairs equivalent: 39 floors
Agony level: 2+

Early morning on the penultimate day.

Two years ago I did a face plant just one day away from Santiago. It was a battered and bruised pilgrim that walked through the portico, past the Galician bagpiper, and onto the cathedral square the next day.

This is where things went wrong two years ago.

Today, as I retraced that route I found myself getting a little nervous for no good reason. When the scene of the crime came into view I paused to take a photo, then crossed the street and went inside. I’m not sure what I was expecting but nothing had changed. I have relived that day two or three hundred times, and each time my adrenaline spikes with an irrational fear.

Tonight, I’m staying at the hotel where I had cried for hours in 2013. No tears today, just a very long, hot shower and a little privacy, two things that I have missed since beginning the Camino.

With only ten kilometers to go I’m looking forward to a pleasant walk into Santiago by myself.