Day 7: Close. Very Close.

Day 7.  June 13.
Barro to Padron
19+ miles / 31 km. (again)
Fitbit steps: 39, 214

Today was one of those days when I played tracks from Michael Jackson’s “Bad” album again and again. The pounding beat had me flying up hills that would otherwise have had me whining like a baby.

Even so, those last few of kilometers were hard. I drank several liters of water and still had trouble staying hydrated. At the top of one hill I drained a water bottle while appreciating a beautiful garden. The owner of the garden, a woman of about 80, came out, took my water bottle in an arthritic hand and disappeared into her house. She returned in short order and handed me a full bottle. She must have let the tap run a long time to get the water that cold. I wonder how many water bottles the old woman has filled in her long life.

I chatted briefly with a very catholic American family on pilgrimage. A bit later as I cooling off in the shade outside a store, that same family approached and disappeared into the shop. A taxi arrived shortly and out raced the pilgrim family eager to get in the air conditioned car. Just after I snapped a photo, the patriarch turned to me somewhat red-faced (not from the sun) and said that his wife doesn’t like hills. “I don’t either”, I said, as I picked up my walking sticks and started up the next hill.

Tomorrow I head for the barn.