Day 0: Camino reprise. Porto.

A year ago my transport to the start of the camino was classic Keystone Cops. This year was a mini reprise, this time in London. On the plane. On the tarmac. On the tarmac. On the tarmac. Off the plane. On a replacement plane. On the tarmac. On the tarmac. In the air. Off the plane. Hello Porto.

Also like last year, this camino is starting with rain. I hope to walk out of it tomorrow. If not, I might just choose a different route.

My first order of business today was to buy an umbrella and join the sea of (mostly) plaid umbrellas as I made my way around the city.

A soggy city map and a few friendly locals were all it took to find the post office that turned out to be very close to where I started out! That stop left me a few pounds lighter when I mailed some post-camino clothes to myself to retrieve in Santiago.

Near the post office was a Vodafone shop where I swapped my US SIM card for a Portuguese model. Unlike Turkey where you have to register your phone, your SIM card and yourself at the tax office, I didn’t even have to tell the young woman my name. When she asked how much data I wanted, I asked how much 1 GB would cost. She told me the best deal was for 2 GB of data, not 1 GB. I paid $5.80, unbelievable. The really good thing about that giant data bundle is that I can go wild with Google maps. That’s a very good thing.

Porto is a lovely city with lots of red tiled roofs, over-the-top churches, amazing pastry shops, and walls of blue and white tile, both inside and out.

Rain or shine, I start walking toward Santiago early tomorrow morning.