Last Minute Minutiae

Which will run out first, the milk or the eggs?  It doesn’t matter, departure day is almost here!

I’m taking care of those last minute details that precede most trips: getting a pedicure, having my hair done, visiting a friend with Alzheimer’s, cleaning out the refrigerator, paying the bills and packing my stuff. I love those gerunds because they mean I’m going somewhere!

And wouldn’t you know it, just when I finish loading my backpack the mailman delivers a catalog for a sporting goods sale that begins the day I leave. Much as I’d like to make one last trip to REI, there’s no room left in what looked like an anorexic pack a week ago.

You can lower your eyebrows. I’m vacationing in Europe before starting the Camino and that means street clothes, shoes, and god forbid, make up.  I wouldn’t want to be caught on any city street in my Camino clothes. Before I reach St. Jean that excess baggage will be on its way home and my pack will return to its anorexic state.

In the meantime, I’ll work on polishing off the milk and eggs.