Camino Countdown.

One year ago I was in physical therapy with a hip injury, the result of overtraining.
Ten months ago I began the Camino Frances.
Nine months ago I completed my first Camino.

Four weeks ago I began putting gear in my backpack.
Three weeks ago my Camino Portugues guide arrived.
Two weeks ago my Tyvek arrived.
Yesterday I booked a flight to Portugal for June.
Today I walked ten miles.
Tonight I am sore.

So what happens between now and June?
1. Scanning and loading the Brierley guide into iBooks on my phone.
2. Trimming that Tyvek down to bunk size.
3. Spraying everything with Permethrin.
4. Packing and weighing.
5. Walking and training. But not too much.
6. Dreaming of the camino.