“And what is your reason for walking the Camino?”

“And what is your reason for walking the Camino?”, asked the man in the Santiago Pilgrims Office.

“I would just like a stamp in my credential to show the date I arrived in Santiago, please.”, I answered.

“But senora, what is your reason? Was it religious or spiritual?”, he persisted.

“Spiritual, but I won’t be getting a compostela”. “Porque no?”, he questioned.

I told the young man I couldn’t have a compostela because I didn’t walk the entire last 100 kilometers. “I hurt my back. It’s okay now, but I wasn’t able to walk yesterday.

Please, may I just have the stamp in my credential? “This man tried to give me a compostela anyway, bless his heart.

He eventually stamped my credential, and as I turned to go, there stood Rebecca, grinning ear to ear, compostela in hand.

Sometimes things don’t work out as planned. No compostela, but a marvelous Camino. I can’t complain. It was a joy to walk to Santiago with Rebecca

En Garde

What a wonderful Camino it was!