Day 6: A great finish to a rough day.

Day 6.  June 12
Redondela to Barro 19+ miles / 31 km
Fitbit steps: 31,255

Another hard, hot day. I walked from shady spot to shady spot, and stopped often on the hills to rest both lungs and legs. I thought the day was going to be a social bust because for nearly three hours I was the only person in the albergue, but by dinner time it was nearly full.  During the meal our host announced that three of us at the table were born on May 18: a Spaniard, a Portuguese and an American. (Pilgrims have to provide their passport details when they check in), What are the chances of that?

After dinner we had a Queimada (witches brew) complete with incantations read in Spanish, Portuguese, German, and lastly, English–which was read by me as I was the only native English speaker.