Camino Music

I slipped into my running shoes, picked up a pair of walking sticks and began my first hike since coming home from Spain. Without thinking, I fired up my iPod and would have disappeared into the music were it not for the realization that I’d gone straight to my Camino warm-up tracks. In Spain, I had music for different moods and challenges. Here are a few of them:

Early morningChant. Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo de Silos. I started hiking most mornings with the gentle chants on this album. They provided excellent warm up music.

CalmingThe Priests. The Priests. I love this entire album. Two tracks in particular, Pie Jesu and Be Still My Soul, calmed my mind when the Camino threatened to overwhelm. I listened to Pie Jesu at Cruz de Fero, as well.

Just get through itThe Way You Make Me Feel. Bad. Michael Jackson. This track will carry the weariest of hikers to the top of a steep hill. Whenever I matched my pace to the beat of this song I moved along lickety split.

On a rollThe Incredible Machine. Sugarland. This was just darn good walking music. The tracks, mostly upbeat, helped keep me up.

Heading for the barnChariots of Fire. Chariots of Fire.  Vangelis. I started listening to Chariots of Fire when I crossed into Galicia and entered the home stretch. The music from this story of the 1924 Olympics inspired me as I walked the last hundred miles.

So… I thoroughly enjoyed today’s walk, though I have to admit that these bones reverted too soon to their pre-Camino state. It took 80 minutes and a lot of effort to walk a measly 4.6 miles. How do I know it was an 80 x 4.6 day? I use the Nike+ Running app to track my hikes.

No worries about the short distance. I have ten months to get back in shape before the next Camino.