Day 12: Sometimes we get a little crazy.

Just the facts
Day 12: Castrojeriz to Poblacion
Distance: 18 miles / 29 km
Time: 5.5 hours
Total to date: 211 miles / 340 km
Aches and pains: Knock on wood, no blisters.

The Californian who limped into Poblacion early this afternoon did not resemble the woman who waltzed out of Castrojeriz before sunrise this morning. The Limper was bedraggled and and exhausted. But she was lucky because she found a hostal run by a sympathetic woman with years of pilgrim experience. She brought a glass of chilled rose and a bag of ice to the Limper’s room, then wished her a good rest.

And rest I did. Feeling revived I went downstairs for dinner. The meal was the substrate for an evening of lively conversation. There were two Frenchmen, an Austrian, a Japanese woman, a man from Ecuador and Tom, the young lad from Brno in the Czech Republic. (I especially remember Brno because years ago I paid a $10 fine there for a “very serious offense”, speeding).


At the end of our meal the proprietress brought a tray of glasses and a big bottle of alcohol that I didn’t recognize. It smelled like moonshine so I took a pass. Next thing we knew there were other bottles on the table including an anise flavored liqueur, my favorite.


I think we solved the world’s problems tonight. Look out world.