Day 2. 18 vs 18


Tonight’s digs. A cloistered monastery.

Escamplero to Cornellana
Distance: 29 km
Steps: 39,466
Stairs equivalent: 56 Floors

I set out this morning intending to walk 18 kilometers. Instead, I walked 18 miles. And it wasn’t all that bad.

I also went two kilometers more than everyone else by getting a little lost in thought and missing a yellow arrow. Those who left after me this morning were surprised to suddenly find me bringing up the rear.

About those 29 kilometers (18 miles), a couple of us turned in at the intended albergue only to find that the hospitalera (innkeeper) was rather a grouch. I decided to continue on and the others joined me. Then, every albergue along the way was really 2-3 kilometers off the way and we weren’t willing to go the extra distance. So on we went until we found one directly on the route.  Score! Tonight we’re sleeping in a cloistered monastery.

The “we” includes Dutch, Danish, Lithuanian, Spanish and now, Polish pilgrims. Oh, and me.  We are preparing a communal dinner with the various ingredients found in the village. Shopping in a small place is always an adventure and the cooking results are sometimes an experiment.

Part way through today’s hike the last guy in our threesome suddenly cried out. We ran back up the path to find that he had fallen down a ravine. To pull our companion up the hill we had to scramble through the stinging nettles and brambles. Scrapes and scratches aside, the poor Dane was uninjured.

Time to help in the kitchen.